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Data protection and privacy policies

The data protection and privacy policies apply to any person, registered or not, that uses the services property of the nobigtech.es project.

We declare: IONOS España and OVH France as directly responsible for the main infrastructure, and the person under the name Niko the responsible of the on-premise infrastructure on Bilbao, Viscay, at the e-mail address: admin@nobigtech.es. In case you can't contact the domain owner, you could try to do so by filling a form at OVHCloud.

1. Hosting and data protection

Practically all services that contain personal data, usage or ungivable data, are hosted at the on-premise infrastructure at Bilbao, Viscay, using the public IP address of IONOS on the internet, which gives an easier and secure access to such infrastructure.

Data is protected under the European regulation of data protection (GDPR). At nobigtech.es we make the effort to offer a security level higher than standards, although we don't own an official certification that verifies that. nobigtech.es is excluded from any responsibility in case of unauthorized access to the data, because apart from the prevention we enforce and the solutions we are willing to make if it's on our hands, it is not surely on all cases.

2. Content licensing

The content a person makes publicly available using our services (for example, by using the federated social networks) will use the CC BY-SA 4.0 license by default, unless otherwise especified by the person that generated such content.
In case there is no license specified, establishing the CC BY-SA 4.0 by default, any content created on the nobigtech.es services has a mandatory compliance to follow such license if this content is shared both inside and outside our domains, and has to specify the original source (apart from other terms).

3. Usage information we analize

We, for legitimate interests such as; knowning the reach of the visits on any of our internet services,, acknowledging a need to increase the resources because of a higher usage, analizing an unaccepted/abusive usage on our services... record by the inertia of our infrastructure, for a maximum time of 6 months, basic information such as the IP address of the request, date and time, which service did the person access and the HTTP header that usually identifies the type of device and/or software it's used to access (User-Agent).

In addition, we utilize this usage information to publish on our Mastodon account @stats@masto.nogafam.es (private account, limited visibility),an aggregated, statistic and totally anonymous usage information of our services that we think could be of interest, to the people actively participating on the community and the project.

4. Data shared to third parties

We don't volunteerly give any personal data, usage data or metadata to any third party other than the people directly responsible of the infrastructure. Our data policies has the objective to guarantee the lifetime protection from third parties data giveaway, including authorized and unauthorized access to such data.

5. Right to rectification

We understand the data rectification as a fundamental right, therefore, we will comply to do so inside the posibilities of the software that we offer as a service and taking into account, the limits of deleting public data that is not on our domains and control.

It is mandatory to inform that because of our data backup policies and the read-only nature of such, the data asociated with the usage of all our services, will remain on the backups during a maximum period of 6 months. The offline backups (the ones not connected to the network) will also remain the same time and they will be encrypted to protect physical access to it.

6. Right to download

The digital sovereignty is the key value of our project, therefore, we will do all we can to deliver the data owned by the user if they request it, making sure the request is authenticated, using the official way to contact us or using the native way of each application if possible.

7. End of the document

Concluding this legal document, we understand that the use of this services is subject to the acceptance of this policies and if not specified otherwise, we understand that this are accepted. Accepting this policies, you also accept we have the right to modify such policies, which will be published via social comunication on the Mastodon profile: @nobigtech@nobigtech.es