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Use terms and conditions

This use terms apply to all internet services of the nobigtech.es, nogafam.es and nogafam.me domains and their respective sub-domains.

1. Code of conduct (CoC)

The code of conduct applies to all the people using the nobigtech.es services which are freely available for the community, including the people that interacts with the users of our services.

Based on our content policy on the federated platforms, we permit (although only casually) pornographic content and other explicit content, always based on a legal context and promoting respect to others. Therefore, we consider the use of this platforms inappropriate for children without proper supervision, making the legal person responsible of regulating their child's content based on their own policies.

We won't tolerate, under any circunstance, resulting in an immediate termination of the posibility to use none of our services, to the person adopting the following behaviours:

We won't accept, with exceptions and giving repeated warnings, resulting in the termination of the access to our services, the behaviours we followingly describe:

Any other behaviour or conduct not previously mentioned as invalid on this document, will be considered valid, but we reserve us the right of future modifications of such, in case we feel it's necessary for the health and wellness of the community and our services. The notifications of such changes will be done via social comunication on our Mastodon profile at @nobigtech@nobigtech.es.

2. Use of permitted languages

We pretend to generally use Spanish on our services to promote the Hispanic talking community. We also accept the use of any language from the Spanish region, understanding that we need to use Spanish only with the rest of community to use a language we have all in common.

The nature of the .es extension, includes all languages cited previously, permitting the use of the services to any person who speaks this languages, without any geographical restriction on the internet.

3. End of the document

To conclude with this legal document, we want to highlight that this terms are of mandatory compliance for all the people using our services, either registered or not.

Accepting this terms, you accept that the people responsible of the administration and moderation of our sistems, might be able to use the power they have been given, to ensure the compliance of such terms and code of conduct, giving them the absolute right to terminate the access to our services to any user if mandatory, terminating all relationship with such person, with the right to rectification of their data and a posible right to obtain such data to guarantee the digital sovereignty of this user.

Please, make sure you also read the data protection and privacy policies.